Experience Superior Performance with Propspeed

Gain unmatched speed and performance on water with Propspeed, your comprehensive solution for underwater metal protection. This premier foul-release coating offers robust defense against marine growth and corrosion, tailor-made for your boat’s running gear and other underwater metals. Powered by advanced coating technology, Propspeed has cemented its place in the marine industry for over 21 years, promising enhanced boat performance, minimized fuel and operational costs, and sustained value of your investment.

All-in-One Protection

Propspeed guarantees strong, enduring adhesion to metals, superior to other products in the market. When applied and maintained appropriately, it provides a lasting solution that shields underwater metal assets for 12-24 months. Unlike antifoul, Propspeed is biocide-free, utilizing physical means to prevent marine organisms from adhering to the surface.

Propspeed Kits

Propspeed is available in varying sizes to suit a range of vessels and applications:


Prop Speed Large

Large Kit: Ideal for marine trade professionals, covers a surface of 3.4m2/36.6ft2

Propspeed Medium Kit

Medium Kit: Perfect for single screw vessels under 40ft, coats a surface of 1.7m2/18.3ft2


Small Kit: Designed for saildrive or small propellers, covers a surface of 0.7m2/7.5ft2

Additional Products

In addition to the main coating kits, we offer a range of supplementary products:

Propspeed Propprep 1 Litre

Propprep: Available in 1L and 500ml solutions, it prepares the surface optimally

Propspeed 10 Propclean Wipes Kit

Propclean and Propprep Wipes: Ensure the metal surface is free from contaminants

Propspeed Etching Primer Kit

Etching Primer Base and Hardener: Known for its iconic Propspeed Gold colour and superior adhesion to metal

Propspeed operates on an innovative principle to safeguard your underwater metal components from corrosion, a prevalent issue in marine environments. The fundamental mechanism of corrosion involves the interaction between metal, ions, and gases contained within the water. When these elements combine, they trigger chemical reactions that result in the gradual degradation of metal, typically manifesting as rust or similar types of wear.

What Propspeed does is ingeniously simple yet highly effective. It acts as a physical barrier, electrically isolating the metal from its surroundings. By creating this separation, Propspeed effectively blocks the path for the exchange of ions and gases with the metal. This disruption in interaction is pivotal, as the absence of these exchanges halts the necessary conditions required for corrosion to occur.

To put it simply, without the required elements present and interacting, the chemical reactions that lead to corrosion simply can’t take place. It’s the equivalent of taking away the fuel from a fire – without fuel, the fire cannot burn. Similarly, without these interactions, there is no corrosion.

The beauty of Propspeed lies in this proactive approach. Rather than trying to slow down the corrosion process once it has started, Propspeed prevents the very conditions that allow it to occur, offering your underwater metals superior, long-lasting protection. It’s not just about dealing with corrosion – it’s about stopping it before it even starts.

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