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Immerse yourself in the ultimate cruise experience with us. Enjoy the thrill of the open sea, luxurious comfort, and exceptional service that transforms your journey into a dream voyage.

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Elevate your yachting experience to new heights. A well-maintained, perfect-looking yacht enhances your enjoyment and adds a touch of elegance to your sea adventures. Stand up and achieve the dream of perfect cruising.

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Turn your classic boat into a vision of luxury. With our meticulous care and services, even the oldest vessels can shine like new. Prepare for fantasy sailing; because a vintage charm deserves a million-dollar look.

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Experience efficient sailing with perfectly painted hulls. By reducing drag, you'll use less fuel and gain speed, turning your journey into an effortless glide. Catch the wind, explore your dreams and sail faster, further.

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Yacht Services

Strong Marine Services, your premier boat painter in British Columbia, extends its expertise to offer a comprehensive suite of yacht services tailored to meet your marine needs.

Our diverse array of services ranges from addressing structural and aesthetic fiberglass repairs to applying and removing commercial-grade antifouling systems. We specialize in restoring your vessel’s charm through our meticulous gel coat resprays, ensuring a flawless finish. Our commitment to enhancing your boating experience extends to our anode replacement services, ensuring your vessel’s protection from corrosion.

Priding ourselves on our attention to detail, we provide bespoke polish, wax, and detailing services. With our scheduled detailing solutions, we guarantee your yacht’s perpetual pristine condition, maintaining its shine and allure throughout the seasons.

Additionally, we understand the intricacies of yacht delivery, providing secure and efficient vessel delivery services. To further cater to your unique needs, we offer professional shrink wrapping for not only vessels but also other structures, safeguarding your assets from weather damage and ensuring their longevity.

At Strong Marine Services, we prioritize your yacht’s maintenance, ensuring it remains in prime condition and delivers optimal performance. Reach us at 778- 939-9405 to benefit from our expert services. Let’s navigate the waters of yacht maintenance together!

Experience excellence in Boat Painting in Vancouver with Strong Marine Services. Our skilled team uses advanced techniques and materials to provide a flawless finish. Get in touch today!

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Bottom Paint & Antifouling Services

Strong Marine Services stands as a beacon of excellence for comprehensive bottom paint and antifouling services in Vancouver, BC. We are dedicated to safeguarding your vessel against the detrimental effects of marine growth, thereby enhancing its performance and extending its lifespan. Our team of seasoned professionals employs advanced techniques and high-quality materials to ensure optimal protection for your vessel. We understand the unique challenges posed by the marine environment and tailor our services to meet your specific needs.

Structural Fiberglass Repairs

Structural Fiberglass Repairs

Strong Marine Services, located in Vancouver, Canada, is a trusted provider of structural fiberglass repairs for marine vessels. Our skilled team handles everything from minor gel coat repairs to major structural damage, using top-quality materials and industry-approved techniques. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs and ensuring minimal downtime. For reliable, high-quality marine repair services, contact Strong Marine Services today.

Marine Antifouling Removal Services

Antifouling Removal Services

Strong Marine Services, located in Vancouver, Canada, offers expert antifouling removal services to maintain your vessel's peak performance and extend its lifespan. Our skilled team uses safe and effective methods to remove old antifouling coatings, inspect the hull, and prepare it for a fresh application. We prioritize quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ensuring your boat is back in the water swiftly with minimal disruption. For superior antifouling removal services that exceed expectations, choose Strong Marine Services.

Cosmetic fiberglass repair

Cosmetic fiberglass repairs

Experience top-tier cosmetic fiberglass repairs in British Columbia with Strong Marine Services. Our skilled team, convenient service, competitive pricing, and commitment to exceptional results make us the perfect choice for maintaining your boat's beauty and performance. Trust us for all your marine repair needs and witness the difference professional care can make.

Detailing Polish Wax Service

Detailing Polish Wax Service

Strong Marine Services, based in Vancouver, Canada, offers comprehensive polish, wax, and detail services designed to enhance your vessel's aesthetic appeal. Our skilled team uses high-quality materials to restore shine, apply protective wax, and provide thorough detailing for your boat's exterior and interior. We prioritize quality, precision, and customer satisfaction, delivering results that exceed expectations. Trust Strong Marine Services to keep your vessel looking its best, reflecting the significant investment it represents.

Aesthetic Gel Coat and Paint Restorations

Gel Coat Repair

Strong Marine Services, based in Vancouver, Canada, offers comprehensive aesthetic gel coat and paint restoration services for marine vessels. Our expert team specializes in repairing and restoring your boat's exterior, addressing issues like fading, chipping, and oxidation. We use high-quality materials and advanced techniques to ensure a beautiful, durable finish. With a focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to exceed expectations and deliver timely results. Trust Strong Marine Services for superior aesthetic restorations that enhance your vessel's appearance and protect its structural integrity.

scheduled detailing services

Scheduled Detailing Services

Strong Marine Services, located in Vancouver, Canada, offers scheduled detailing services for consistent, high-quality care of your vessel. Our experienced team provides regular exterior and interior detailing, using top-tier materials and techniques. We offer flexible scheduling options tailored to your needs, ensuring your boat always looks its best without disrupting your schedule. With a focus on quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction, Strong Marine Services is your trusted partner for maintaining the appearance and value of your vessel.

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Comprehensive Detailing Service

Discover the exceptional detailing services offered by Strong Marine Services. We're dedicated to preserving the beauty of your vessel, enhancing its performance, and protecting your investment. Our comprehensive services include polish, wax, detailing, antifouling removal, and more. With our experienced professionals at work, experience the convenience of tailored services delivered at your preferred location, a boost in fuel efficiency, and ensured longevity of your vessel. Trust us to transform your boat and enhance your sailing experience.


Vessel Delivery Service

Strong Marine Services, based in Vancouver, Canada, offers reliable vessel delivery services for both local and long-distance needs. Our experienced team ensures safe, efficient transportation of your boat, handling all logistics with utmost care. We offer custom delivery plans tailored to your specific requirements, prioritizing the safety and timely delivery of your vessel. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Strong Marine Services is your trusted partner for hassle-free vessel transportation.

Anode Replacement

Anode Replacement

Strong Marine Services, located in Vancouver, Canada, offers professional anode replacement services crucial for maintaining your yacht's health. Anodes, or 'sacrificial anodes', protect your yacht's metal components from corrosion. Over time, these anodes degrade and need replacement to prevent costly damage. Our experienced team provides thorough anode inspection, replacement, and regular monitoring services, using high-quality materials and industry-approved techniques. We prioritize customer satisfaction, delivering results that exceed expectations. Choose Strong Marine Services for superior anode replacement services that ensure your yacht's longevity.

Gel Coat and Paint

Full Vessel Gel Coat and Paint Resprays

Strong Marine Services, based in Vancouver, Canada, offers comprehensive full vessel gel coat and paint respray services. Our experienced team can rejuvenate your boat's exterior, providing a fresh, new look and a protective barrier against the elements. We prioritize quality and precision, using top-tier materials and meticulous techniques. With a customer-centric approach, we tailor our services to your needs, ensuring timely completion and minimal downtime. Trust Strong Marine Services for superior resprays that enhance your vessel's beauty and longevity.

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Shrink Wrapping Services

Strong Marine Services, located in Vancouver, Canada, offers versatile shrink wrapping services for protecting vessels, structures, and various other items. Our skilled team applies a high-quality, UV-resistant plastic film, creating a durable protective cover against weather, dust, and debris. We cater to a wide range of needs, from boats and temporary buildings to machinery and furniture. With a focus on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction, Strong Marine Services is your trusted partner for effective asset protection.

About us

About Strong Marine Service


Clients Served

Celebrating over 600 satisfied clients! Your trust has allowed us to serve and deliver exceptional marine services. Thank you for choosing Strong Mobile Marine Service.


Years of Combined Experience

Boasting Over 43 Years of Combined Experience! Our seasoned team of marine experts brings half a century of knowledge and skills to every job. Trust us to deliver top-tier marine services with unmatched expertise.


Happy Customers

Achieving 100% Customer Satisfaction! We take pride in our commitment to ensuring every customer is thrilled with our services. Join our community of completely satisfied clients at Strong Mobile Marine Service


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Strong Marine Services is the leading authority in all-encompassing marine upkeep in North Vancouver, BC. Our spectrum of services is curated to sustain your vessel’s optimal condition. We specialize in intricate boat maintenance, comprehensive cleaning, expert bottom painting, exceptional fiberglass work, and meticulous detailing. Our dedication to superior service and unparalleled results underscores our commitment to the enhancement of your boat’s performance and lifespan. Trust us to deliver excellence and see your vessel not just maintained, but truly transformed.


What our clients say

Cameron BastienCameron Bastien
21:50 29 Mar 24
Chris and Adam helped me with a fibreglass repair on my fifth wheel trailer and it came out amazing. Thank you so much for your great work
seo vancouverseo vancouver
18:23 19 Mar 24
Three years ago, I was the proud owner of a 1969 Chris Craft Commander, a classic beauty that needed some tender love and care. In my search for the best person to paint the bottom of this classic, I found Chris, a boat painter who truly understands his craft.From the get-go, Chris impressed me with his commitment to service. Despite my location being over 30 minutes away, he personally drove out to meet me. From our first meeting, his affable personality and vast knowledge about boat maintenance made it clear that I had made the right choice. He meticulously walked me through the areas on the boat that needed special attention, and his sharp eye even noticed other topside spots that needed touch-ups. When the work was done, the result was nothing short of fantastic, enhancing the timeless elegance of my Chris Craft Commander.A year later, I was considering buying another boat that had a blistering problem on the hull. Being unfamiliar with such issues, I once again reached out to Chris. He came to another marina to meet me, inspected the boat, and provided an educated estimate on what the fix would cost. His honesty and expertise saved me from a potentially costly investment.Recently, I purchased another boat and, naturally, turned to Chris for his services. As always, he offered a fair price for the top-notch work he consistently delivers. With his commitment to quality, fair pricing, and exceptional customer service, Chris has become my go-to boat painter. I am grateful to have found such a reliable and trustworthy professional.I wholeheartedly recommend Chris for any boat painting and maintenance needs. With his expert eye and unmatched dedication, he ensures that your boat always looks and performs at its best. In short, I am more than satisfied with his work, and I am confident that he will be my boat paint guy for many more years to come.
Christina Sharma, RMTChristina Sharma, RMT
11:13 19 Mar 24
They are very helpful and have provided us with the quality workmanship our vessel needed Chris is always so friendly and knowledgeable we are very happy we have found them
Neil MathisonNeil Mathison
22:57 08 Aug 23
Chris Smith, President, and his team, got our 42 foot Hinckley sailboat back in the water in only seven days from haul out to splash subsequent to us hitting a log in Georgia Strait. What mattered most to us is how completely they stayed on the job, including a rigging repair discovered after we launched. Quality work, attentive, hanging with us to a safe conclusion. We’ll done!
Kyle GeachKyle Geach
21:48 05 May 23
Todd NesslerTodd Nessler
04:17 14 Dec 22
These guys were the only honest Marine repair company that I have experienced in my three decades of owning a boat on the West Coast. Chris and his team were efficient, on time, and their communication was outstanding. I will be using them from now on as they made my boating experience much less stressful. Thank you guys so much.
jacquie Stinsonjacquie Stinson
21:46 19 Sep 22
Strong Mobile Marine are prompt, efficient & very knowledgable with fibreglass & repairs. Christopher & Adam are great to work with & would highly recommend their services !!
Jacob HaagsmaJacob Haagsma
03:27 28 Aug 21
Amazing crew to work with. they are honest and genuinely thinking for their customers. Me and my wife’s yacht was well taken care of. I will definitely come back to them.
Anthony P.Anthony P.
13:50 24 Apr 21
Chris helped me save a lot of time and headache in trying to find a shop who would be able to do the job. He was able to schedule me in with reasonable notice and followed through with exactly what was discussed prior to the job. Professional and knowledgeable. MacGiver type of guy. He's got a knack for problem solving. He gets straight to the point and delivers on his work.

Marine Services Across Vancouver, BC and Beyond

At Strong Marine Services, we are proud to offer our comprehensive range of mobile marine services across various locations in and around North Vancouver, BC. We understand the importance of accessibility and convenience for our clients, and we strive to make our top-quality services available to as many boat owners as possible.


Locations Served

Our service areas extend across a wide range of locations, including:

  • Abbotsford, BC
  • Belcarra, BC
  • Burnaby, BC
  • Coquitlam, BC
  • Delta, BC
  • Horseshoe Bay, BC
  • Langley City, BC
  • New Westminster, BC
  • North Vancouver, BC
  • Port Moody, BC
  • Richmond, BC
  • Squamish, BC
  • Surrey, BC
  • Vancouver, BC
  • West Vancouver, BC
  • White Rock, BC
  • Lions Bay, BC
  • Lower Mainland, BC
  • Maple Ridge, BC
  • Mission, BC